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Contract Workshops

We have developed a training package covering all aspects of the NHS Standard Contract, which we update each year for new developments.

This can be arranged for a half day or full day workshop for as many participants as required. Larger audiences allow for a cost effective introduction to the essential aspects of the contract, whereas smaller audiences can provide a ‘surgery’ workshop for specific current issues.

A full day session can also allow for a session on high level key issues in the morning for senior staff, followed by an in-depth afternoon workshop for managers involved in the day-to-day operations of managing contracts.

The session can be the traditional face-to-face model, at a suitable venue, or delivered online via Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc.

The course has been developed on a modular basis, which also allows us to offer any modules as standalone training sessions as required. Current modules include:

  • Introduction to the NHS Standard Contract – key issues
  • Latest developments in the current year’s contract and payment scheme
  • Common problems in using the contract and how to resolve them
  • The NHS Standard Contract in detail
    • Information and reporting
    • Activity and referrals
    • Payment
    • Performance Management and using sanctions
  • Managing the contract in year – variations, terminations, counting and coding changes
  • Disputes – how to avoid them and how to resolve them
  • New models of contracting – collaboratives, alliances and joint ventures

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